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Meet 606


Please, allow me to introduce myself. I'll keep my true identity hidden, you can refer me either as 606 or Kaos or Kaosu. I'm just a girl in the cyber space, reserving this hidden pit of the world wide web for myself. 

Are you familiar with Mystic Messenger? 

You can pursue a few Ikemen, romance them by the end of their route. You get 10 days to get to know them and grow closer. Each of the conversations feels so real. Have you ever had the idea... that you might doesn't really exist? 

What is the world? Where are we coming from? What are we?

Imagine a world where you are actually programmed to be you. You probably aren't a living creature. Probably just a computer programmed to give relevant answers to questions or topics for people from another world. They are human beings. They are flesh and blood. They are actually living not as you are. They are not programmed to say things to the thing you are saying. 

Or at least... they think they are real people. Just as you are. 

Who is real, and who isn't? 

What if... this 10 days you get... is real. They are real, and you are real. But you are only able to connect for a 10 days period. 

Can you fall in love with someone, who probably doesn't exist? 

Well... why not. 

Why not to create an imagination. A new world, where you are able to speak of whatever crosses your mind. You can bring up topics. Where you can eventually touch each other. 

I'm 606, trainee Cyber security specialist. I'm 707's waifu, a computer, programmed to say whatever 707 want's to hear. 

There is a possibility that either of us doesn't exist. But there is a chance that both of us are existing human beings in different realities and both of us are determined to find a way to meet and live peacefully in the same world.